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    Are You Tuned Into the Latest Afghan Jewellery Trends?

    Are You Tuned Into the Latest Afghan Jewellery Trends?

    Afghan jewellery is the latest trend doing rounds, be it in the form of bangles, earrings or long statement neckpieces. While it is easy to confuse the vintage Afghan jewellery styles with the Kutch forms of jewellery, there are certain elements that make it distinct and unique. German silver and alloy metals set with colourful enamel work, ghungroos and beads set the Afghan jewellery apart from various other similar works available in the market.

    “chandbaali “chandbali

    Nomadic and tribal in appearance; the Afghan jewellery pieces are big and chunky in nature. Wearing this form of jewellery brings out a certain style statement of the person adorning these accessories. The metal in which the jewellery is set is directly sourced from Afghanistan, which makes the final pieces quite expensive as they reach the end consumer. It also involves a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to draw out the intricate textures on the metal frame and set colourful stones and work on them.


    As the trend hits various countries there are a number of modifications being made by artisans to make the style unique and different. Enamel work, colourful Doris or threads, beads, and coins are used for the purpose of creating unique Afghan jewellery pieces that designers love to showcase.

    Apart from the big earrings and chunky neckpieces; there are also huge headbands and waistbands that are an integral part of the Afghan jewellery trends. These trends are slowly catching on among the young and old alike. The diversity and variety of accessories that one can pick from, are what makes this trend easy to adopt for just about everyone. So, go ahead and explore the trends and pick your favourite Afghani accessories to add to your collections.