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    Jewellery Style Check for the Just-in College Girls!

    Jewellery Style Check for the Just-in College Girls!

    The start of college life brings in a lot of excitement especially among girls as they are now open to experimenting with clothes and accessories breaking away from the school uniform days. So, if you are a jewellery junkie and looking forward to flaunting your accessory love as a part of your style statement, then here is a guide from us, on the accessories that should certainly make it to your jewellery collection.

    Funky Earrings

    bead ombre earrings

    elephant hanging earrings

    buddha earrings

    handpainted earrings

    Earrings for young college goers are all about experimenting with colours and trends. Be it the artistic hand painted earrings or the colourful pom pom earrings or the traditional beaded earrings, don't let a single style rule you.


    crystal bracelet

    soil bracelet

    buddha bracelet

    metal bracelet

    A watch on one hand and what on the other? If that is a question that is going to make you spend an extra half an hour while getting ready, then having some quirky bracelets ready in your accessory box will be really helpful. Go for the neutral beaded bracelets or the colourful beaded ones, as they are extremely versatile and tend to find their own way with your everyday dressing.

    Subtle Neckpieces

    pachai necklace

    anniyam necklace

    pink long necklace

    pink necklace

    While the other accessories are worth experimenting with, neckpieces should be kept to minimal unless you are hanging out with friends or dressing up for an occasion. While dressing up for everyday college stick to simple neckpieces that attract too much attention.


    dokra anklet

    silver anklet

    dokra anklet

    A must have for every college goer, anklets is a piece of accessory that you can really use as your everyday style statement. Anklets add a lot of fun and quirkiness to the personality provided worn right with the appropriate clothing. Team them up with capris or shorts to accessorise your feet.

    As a rule, college accessories should be fun, inexpensive and should give you ample opportunity to mix and match. So, now that you know the guide to picking your college wear statement accessories, go ahead and pick your favourites from Festivya.