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    Exclusive Jewellery Picks To Bring In the Season of Celebrations!

    Exclusive Jewellery Picks To Bring In the Season of Celebrations!

    India is a land of diverse cultures; a land of traditions and a land of festivities and celebrations. The changing season, gives us yet another reason to celebrate with the favorite winter festival of all: Pongal, Baisakhi, and Sankranti; celebrated in South, North and West respectively.  The festival has a two-fold significance, one marking the changing direction of the sun, and two celebrating the winter harvest and bringing in some warmth into the chilled air. Whatever be the reason, where there is a celebration there is dressing, and where there is dressing there is a need to wear some trendy jewellery and accessories that make you stand out. So, here is a list of some favourite handmade jewellery to add in some elegance and colors to your festive dressing:

    1. Silk Thread Necklace Set From Prisha's Creative World


    Price: ₹ 820.00

    This necklace set is handcrafted to perfection and defines the colors of your silk sarees and dresses. Whether you are gearing up for Pongal or Lohri or Sankranti; this necklace set is a must buy to get you geared up for the festivities.

    2. Surya Locket Statement Neckpiece 1 From Parijat


    Price: ₹ 1,200.00

    Gold is a color that goes very naturally with the festive wear. This versatile necklace created by our designers Parijat, spells class and elegance. With a tribal touch, this set is a perfect buy for your ghagras and sarees to flaunt during the Sankranti kite festival.

    3. Terracotta Jewellery 56 From Maansi Designs


    Price: ₹ 1,850

    Black is usually considered inauspicious in Hindus. However, during the Makar Sankranti festival, men and women in Maharashtra traditionally wear black as it is seen as a sign to ward off evil. So, if you are living in Maharashtra and following this customary tradition of wearing black then this ethnic terracotta necklace set is a must buy.

    4. Terracotta Jewellery 37 From Sree Bala Creations

    terracotta set

    Price: ₹ 1,050

    Terracotta sets are a huge hit to compliment your ethnic sarees and dresses. This mural set with a lotus painting symbolizes auspicious beginnings and is hence a perfect buy for the Pongal and Sankranti festivals.

    5. Pompom Hansuli From Parijat

    pom pom jewellery

    Price: ₹ 1,100

    If you are celebrating Lohri on this Baisakhi, then adding bright colors to your attire is a must. This gorgeous pompom hansuli set designed by Parijat brings out beautiful colors of the season making it an apt purchase.

    6. Pretty Silver Toe Rings From Kaveri Karakushala

    toe rings

    Price: ₹ 1,950

    Toe rings have an essential significance for married women. Even if you don’t wear them on a regular basis, it is definitely worn during important festivities like Sankranti. Hence, these gorgeous silver toe rings become an essential buy to complete your look this festive season.

    7. Turquoise GS Durga Set from Kavyakatha Accessories


    Price: ₹ 1,850

    If you have your favourite turquoise blue saree that is waiting for its perfect match, then it is time to have this beautiful necklace set in your collection. With the Durga pendant, the set maintains the festive feel that you wish to wear during the Pongal and Sankranti celebrations.

    Book your favourite jewellery now to flaunt well during the festivities that are just around the corner.

    Wishing You Happy Festivities From Team Festivya!