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    Jewellery Essentials for the South Indian Bride!

    Jewellery Essentials for the South Indian Bride!

    Come wedding seasons, and you see much buzz in the markets with pretty brides trying jewellery and accessories to help them flaunt the perfect look for the big day. Indian weddings come with a number of ceremonies, each of which requires special attention on different jewellery and attire. If you are a South Indian bride to be, then here is your quick guide to all the jewellery you will need for your wedding day from head to toe.

    Maang Tikka

    south indian maangtikka

    Maang tikka is a piece of jewellery that adorns the bride at the start of the hairline. The pendant of the maang tikka touches down at the forehead. From the traditional solid gold designs to the intricate art jewellery kinds, there are so many options in maang tikka that you as a bride could explore. Depending on your face cut and your taste in jewellery, you could opt for the heavy or the more delicate variations that are available these days.


    south indian necklace

    A bride is incomplete with necklaces adorning her neckline. While traditionally gold has been the most preferred metal when it comes to bridal jewellery, today there is a lot of experimentation that brides are open to. Normally, in a south Indian bride you would not see a single neckpiece but 2-3 necklaces of varied sizes that are arranged in an array covering the entire neckline. From chokers to harams there are a variety of necklaces to be worn by the brides on the big day.

    Armband or the vaanki


    The armband, also called as vaanki is another piece of jewel that adorns a South Indian bride. Team them up with gorgeously designed blouses for the perfect bridal look.

    Hair accessories

    hair accessories

    South Indian brides are often seen with braided hair. Flower adornments are an essential part of South Indian bridal get up. In between these floral arrangements on the hair you will find glittering pieces of jewels or the hair jewellery that really adds to the charm and beauty of the South Indian bride.

    Nose pin

    nose pin

    Nose pin is an essential part of the south Indian bridal getup. Unlike the north where girls wear bigger nose pin designs, the South Indian getup requires subtle stone designs with one or three diamonds. These days stick on and clip on nose pins are also available for those who don't wish to pierce their noses.

    Waist belt


    Waist belt also known as the odiyanam is not merely a jewellery but is an accessory that helps the bride hold the heavy saree together and in a neat manner holding the pleats in a fine manner. The belts are again available in a variety of designs from a slim string of stones to heavier ones.



    Classy Jhumkis of various patterns has usually been seen as a part of the South Indian bridal style statement. Temple style jhumkis is certainly a favourite and usually compliment the South Indian bridal look very well.



    What is an Indian bride without bangles, and this theory holds true for the South Indian bride too. The South Indian bangles for the bride comprise of a mix of glass or metal bangles along with gold bangles. These days silk thread bangles that can be exactly matched to the heavy silk sarees are the latest vogue for the South Indian brides.

    Anklets and Toe Rings


    When the feet decorated with the bridal henna shine with the pretty anklets, it spells bridal charm. Toe rings are an essential part of a South Indian wedding ceremony and are gifted by the groom. South Indian brides especially with the 9-yard traditional saree style, have to flaunt their anklet and toe rings much as a wedding mandate.

    While the bridal jewellery goes through a number of transformations based on the jewellery trends, the essence remains the same.

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    Are You Tuned Into the Latest Afghan Jewellery Trends?

    Are You Tuned Into the Latest Afghan Jewellery Trends?

    Afghan jewellery is the latest trend doing rounds, be it in the form of bangles, earrings or long statement neckpieces. While it is easy to confuse the vintage Afghan jewellery styles with the Kutch forms of jewellery, there are certain elements that make it distinct and unique. German silver and alloy metals set with colourful enamel work, ghungroos and beads set the Afghan jewellery apart from various other similar works available in the market.

    “chandbaali “chandbali

    Nomadic and tribal in appearance; the Afghan jewellery pieces are big and chunky in nature. Wearing this form of jewellery brings out a certain style statement of the person adorning these accessories. The metal in which the jewellery is set is directly sourced from Afghanistan, which makes the final pieces quite expensive as they reach the end consumer. It also involves a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to draw out the intricate textures on the metal frame and set colourful stones and work on them.


    As the trend hits various countries there are a number of modifications being made by artisans to make the style unique and different. Enamel work, colourful Doris or threads, beads, and coins are used for the purpose of creating unique Afghan jewellery pieces that designers love to showcase.

    Apart from the big earrings and chunky neckpieces; there are also huge headbands and waistbands that are an integral part of the Afghan jewellery trends. These trends are slowly catching on among the young and old alike. The diversity and variety of accessories that one can pick from, are what makes this trend easy to adopt for just about everyone. So, go ahead and explore the trends and pick your favourite Afghani accessories to add to your collections.

    Sensuous Jhumkas that turn you into a diva!

    Sensuous Jhumkas that turn you into a diva!

    Jhumkas are a timeless trend that add in a touch of ethnicity along with style and glamour. For years, these priceless beauties have been around with their own variations and versions. With one statement jhumka in place, you don't need to load yourself with jewellery and accessories. Jhumkas are loved by women of various age groups. Available in various forms including gold, silver, pearls and the every classy german silver; jhumkas are subtle yet elegant pieces of accessories women love to own.

    There are a number of trends in jhumkas to shape from online, and here are a few, that we at Festivya vouch by:

    German Silver Jhumkas:

    3step jhumka lotus jhumka

    Classy and trendy german silver jhumkas can add style and grace to any form of dressing. One pair of german silver jhumkas can be paired with multiple attires including sarees, fusion skirts, kurtis and even anarkali dresses. Available in various sizes and designs, owning these in your accessory collection is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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    The silk thread jhumkas:

    silk thread jhumka bali silk thread

    The latest trend that has caught on in a big way, silk thread jhumkas are easy to find, light weight and inexpensive. The bright colours and patterns make it effortless to pair silk thread jhumkas with your everyday dressing. Silk thread jhumka patterns range from simple designs to intricate patterns drawn on strands of thread using beads and stones.

    Terracotta Jhumkas:

    “blue “terracotta

    The art of transforming clay into a piece of jewellery certainly requires talent and handwork. The beautiful terracotta jhumkas are trending this season, bringing about a beautiful blend of art and jewellery. Terracotta jhumkas look heavy, but are actually very kind to your ears. When paired right, they could make a simple attire look graceful and stylish.

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    Jhumkas with Colourful studs:

    “pink blue mayla jhumkas

    Here is a latest trend of using technology in sync with fashion and art. Here are gorgeous jhumkas with artistic studs with designs fused on glass and bottle caps. These are not only classy but also very versatile and can match a variety of dressing options.

    Meenakari Jhumkas:


    An art form belonging to the royal state of Rajasthan, meenakari jhumkas have been in trend for a long time now. Colorful enamel work on the jhumka base adds class and elegance to these jewellery pieces. Buy a few of these to match your ethnic and fusion wear showcasing various colours and patterns.