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    Your Cues For Shopping the Right Festive Jewellery

    Your Cues For Shopping the Right Festive Jewellery
    Festive season is here and it's time to flaunt your best dressing styles. Here are some of the key jewellery trends that will help you pick the right jewellery to team up your ethnic dressing in the most trendy way.

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    Sensuous Jhumkas that turn you into a diva!

    Sensuous Jhumkas that turn you into a diva!

    Jhumkas are a timeless trend that add in a touch of ethnicity along with style and glamour. For years, these priceless beauties have been around with their own variations and versions. With one statement jhumka in place, you don't need to load yourself with jewellery and accessories. Jhumkas are loved by women of various age groups. Available in various forms including gold, silver, pearls and the every classy german silver; jhumkas are subtle yet elegant pieces of accessories women love to own.

    There are a number of trends in jhumkas to shape from online, and here are a few, that we at Festivya vouch by:

    German Silver Jhumkas:

    3step jhumka lotus jhumka

    Classy and trendy german silver jhumkas can add style and grace to any form of dressing. One pair of german silver jhumkas can be paired with multiple attires including sarees, fusion skirts, kurtis and even anarkali dresses. Available in various sizes and designs, owning these in your accessory collection is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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    The silk thread jhumkas:

    silk thread jhumka bali silk thread

    The latest trend that has caught on in a big way, silk thread jhumkas are easy to find, light weight and inexpensive. The bright colours and patterns make it effortless to pair silk thread jhumkas with your everyday dressing. Silk thread jhumka patterns range from simple designs to intricate patterns drawn on strands of thread using beads and stones.

    Terracotta Jhumkas:

    “blue “terracotta

    The art of transforming clay into a piece of jewellery certainly requires talent and handwork. The beautiful terracotta jhumkas are trending this season, bringing about a beautiful blend of art and jewellery. Terracotta jhumkas look heavy, but are actually very kind to your ears. When paired right, they could make a simple attire look graceful and stylish.

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    Jhumkas with Colourful studs:

    “pink blue mayla jhumkas

    Here is a latest trend of using technology in sync with fashion and art. Here are gorgeous jhumkas with artistic studs with designs fused on glass and bottle caps. These are not only classy but also very versatile and can match a variety of dressing options.

    Meenakari Jhumkas:


    An art form belonging to the royal state of Rajasthan, meenakari jhumkas have been in trend for a long time now. Colorful enamel work on the jhumka base adds class and elegance to these jewellery pieces. Buy a few of these to match your ethnic and fusion wear showcasing various colours and patterns.