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    Soil of India was conceived by a group of young professionals, after studying and connecting with hundreds of Artisans sustaining a 5000 year old heritage. Soil by Road, traversed through the frozen Himalayas at 18,000 feet in as much as across the deep deserts of Rajasthan, the dense forests of the North East and the greens of the South. Stories abound the pain, the agony, the joy, the sufferings and so much more, of all those teaming millions that were passed by, or spent nights with. Enriched we remain, by experiencing the real world, their scanty habitat, humility, yet, the charm of the smile on their burnt faces.

    All handmade, handcrafted, the mosaic of India’s heritage remains aligned to nature, untarnished by the global rush of mechanization and the greed to produce at the very cost of our planet.
    SOIL OF INDIA is as much aligned to the economic revival of the Artisan and his family, who live on the very edge of existence; in as much as to showcase its ecstatic merchandise that lays buried in the dunes of time. Towards this endeavor SOIL is committed to procure all its merchandise directly from Artisans and encourages them to continue to create their unmodified ‘original great art’ by remunerating them more than they have ever received and directly, thereby gradually enhancing the quality of their livelihood.