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    Sree Bala Creations

    Vanisree K.S. believes in her passion for art. She started her business, Sree Bala Creations, about four years ago, Vanisree was making jewellery as a hobby and for friends and relatives. Her interest in painting led her to experiment on terracota and now, she has a line of mural jewellery, which is a hit among her clients. Vanisree also enrolled for mural classes at the Indian School of Art, Ravipuram, where she is learning the art scientifically.

    Her mural series has Gods, mostly Lord Krishna. Sometimes, it is just a mural border on a pendant with a painting of a mythological character at the centre. Her most popular piece of jewellery has been the Lord Vishnu pendant—a large circular disc with a serene, blue face of Vishnu, eyes half-open and a gentle smile.